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内容摘要:南充职中2018秋高一年级第一月英语试卷(总分100)一、语音:找出发音不同的单词(5分) 1,( ) A bored B forget C indoor D sport2, ( ) A friend B scienceC tired D quiet3, ( )A where B disappear C bear D...




1,(    A bored   B forget     C indoor   D sport

2,  (    )  A friend    B science    C tired     D quiet

3,  (  ) A where    B disappear   C bear     D pear

4,  (    )  A theater   B really      C leading    D idea

5,  (    )  A modern   B longer      C another    D hospital


































1._______ are you from ?

A .What    B.How    C.Which    D.Where

  1. Lily and I_______ good friends.
  1. is  B.are C.am D.was
  1. My father is _______teacher in Chen bu vocational school.

A.an B.a C.am D./

4.What _______I do you you ?

A.can B.will C.might D.should

5.How _______ apples do you want?

A.little B.much C.many D.few

6.There _______ a teacher and three girls in the classroom.

A.are B.is C.be D.am

7.Would you like _______ to drink?

A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

8.Sara  _______playing chess because it's interesting.

A.hate B.hates C.enjoy D.enjoys

9.Is this _______book

  —No,_______is on the desk.

  1. you,mine B.your, my C.you,my D.your,mine
  1. Are there three apples in the basket ?
  1. No,there are  B.Yes,there are C.Yes,there aren't. D.No,there isn't.
  1. Would you like your coffee with or _______milk ?
  1. and B.within C.without D.withnot
  1. Put _______your coat,it's very cold outside.
  1. off B.away C.on D.up
  1. Bruce likes _______football.
  1. played B.play C.playing D.plays
  1. I'm crazy about playing _______piano.
  1. the  B. a  C.an  D./
  1. Let's go fishing.


  1. All right B.You're welcome C. Thanks D.Good idea.


(1)(    )A:Excuse me, rI'd like to (1)_______(A.join B.join in )your club.

B:Oh,welcome to our club.Could you tell me your name?

(2)(    )A:I'm (2)_______(A.John Smith  B.Mr Smith).

(3)(    )B:Do you have any special(3)_______(A.favourite B.abilities)?

(4)(    )A:I sing very well,and I can (4)_______(A.talk B.speak) Japanese.

B:Can you use the computer?

A:Yes.Actually I like the computer very much.

(5)(    )B:Good.Then what grade are you (5)_______(A.in B.at) ?

A:I'm in Grade 2.


                A                                B

(1)  could you tell me your phone number?           A.It's boring.

(2)  I hate playing chess.                          B.Yes,it is.

(3)  What's the applicant's gender?                 C.It's 5983045.

(4)  It's a nice day,isn't it?                         D.Yes,a kilo please.

(5)  How about some pork?                        E.Male.


Hello,everyone. Nice to meet you. It is my 1  day  in the school. My first name is Jenny. My family   2   is Green. I’m   3   Class Two. My phone   4   is 886-3068. There are   5   people (人) in my family, my parents, my two brothers and I. My brothers and I are   6  . We are in the same school. Look, this is my good friend.    7     name is Sally. She is   8   English girl. She is in Class   9  , too.   10   are in the classroom. We are talking happily.
  (  1.A.first  B.last  C.middle
  (  2.A.color    B.name  C.number
  (  3.A.in       B.at     C.of
  (  4.A.number  B.member  C.notebook
  (  5.A.four     B.three    C.five
  (  6. A.friends   B.sons    C.students
  (  7.A.His      B.Her     C.She’s
  (  8.A.a        B.an      C.the
  (  9.A.One      B.Two    C.Three
  (    10.A.Sally and me  B.I and Sally   C.Sally and I



Hi,I'm Bob. My mom asked me to go shopping with her, I hate it! Shopping is so boring. Look at the long list: a dozen eggs,two kilos of pork, a box of butter, some chicken, a jar of jam... My mom said many things were on sale and she needed me to help her carry things. But I want to play soccer with my friends. Oh...here she comes.

(1)  Why is Bob so unhappy?

   A.His mom doesn't buy things for him.

   B.He has to go shopping with his mom.

   C.He has to play soccer.

   D.He doesn't help his mom.

(2)  How many eggs will they buy ?

   A.6   B.12   C.24   D.36

(3)Why does Bob's mom wan to buy so many things?

   A.things are sold out.

   B.They have no food.

   C.Many things are on sale.

   D.They are very hungry.

(3)  Why does Bob's mom asked him to go shopping with her?

   A.Because she loves him.

   B.She wants to buy a gift for him.

   C.She wants him to guy a gift for her.

   D.She needed Bob to help her carry things.

(4)  What does Bob want to do?

   A.He wants to do homework at home.

   B.He wants to play football with friends.

   C.He wants to watch TV.

   D.He wants to play computer games.


  There are forty-eight students in our class. There are twenty-three boys and twenty-five girls. Some students live near the school, and some others live very far from the school. About half of the students come to school by bike . They often get to school at a quarter to seven. About ten students often come to school by bus. They often go to school very early, too. Another ten students come to school on foot. Their homes are near the school, but they are often late for school, because they get up very late.

(  )66. More than half of the students usually come to school ____.

         A. very late      B. very early      C. by bus       D. on foot

(  )67. Some students are often late for school because____.

         A. their homes are far from the school   B. they go to school on foot

         C. they get up very late            D. they dont like going to school

(  )68. About  ____ students go to school by bike.

         A. forty-eight     B. ten           C. twenty        D. twenty-four

(  )69. About ten students often come to school by bus because____.

        A. their homes are not near the school  B. they dont have any bikes

        C. they cant ride bike           D. they want to go to school very early

(  )70. How many students live far from the school?

         A. About thirty-eight   B. About twenty  

         C. About ten.         D. About twenty-five


       A dog has a piece of meat in his mouth. As he is walking on a bridge, he looks down and sees himself. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has a piece of meat in his mouth too.  He says to himself, I want to eat more meat. I must get his meat. Then I can have two pieces. He opens his mouth to bark. His meat goes down into the river.


(  )71. A dog has a piece of meat in his mouth.

(  )72. He is running on a bridge.

(  )73. There is another dog in the water.

(  )74. He opens his mouth to bark and jumps into the water.

(  )75. He has two pieces of meat.


题目              Never waste you r time

要求  1 字数,100个左右










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